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If you’re looking for books that are out of the ordinary, look no further! No routine cops-and-robbers themes; these are tales of ordinary people facing up to real problems. All of the novels are available in hard-copy form as well as for Amazon’s Kindle reader.

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My novel writing started with Far Point which showed the terrible consequences of political and commercial interference with the nuclear power industry. Far Point became the first book in a trilogy featuring a swashbuckling engineer hero, Dan Foster. The second  in the series was The Darkfall Switch - a hardback which turned out to be rather prophetic. It explored the possibility of a sinister government agency planting technologies in power systems which gives them the ability to plunge entire nations into darkness. The last book in the trilogy was Blind to Danger, where Foster pairs up with a crusading American lawyer who is trying to help the victims of a disaster in India.

Ribbons of Steel is my most recent work and my first venture into historical fiction. It is the story of a young man who emigrates to India at the end of the Victorian era, to work on the railways system there. The paperback version of this book is now available.

Frame by Frame is a series of short essays about some of the people and incidents that I have encountered as I travelled the world. It is written in a form that you can pick up and read in sections - ideal for reading on journeys!   For more information on the Kindle version  click here. For the paperback version click here.

Mostly, my books are based on real-life experiences. Before turning to writing, I was involved with  the manufacture, design, commissioning and operation of large-scale control systems, mainly with the power-generation industry. For seven years I was Engineering Director of a Babcock International subsidiary, Bailey Meters and Controls Ltd., and I was Managing Director of my own consultancy company for twenty-five years. (Click here for more information on me.)


If you enjoyed my light-hearted tales with messages for us all, they are still available!

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Far Point revisited

I have updated the Kindle version of Far Point. Don’t worry if you have already bought this book for your Kindle; you can get the new version for free - go to your Amazon account, select “Manage your content and devices”, then select this book from the list of the books you have bought and download the new version.

 A revised paperback version will be appearing soon.

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david lindsley FIET; Hon Fellow, Kingston  University

… communicating engineering